The Clarabel Python interface supports version 3.7 or newer. To install directly, use:

pip install clarabel

Installing from source

You can also download and build the repository directly from Github. You will need to have a working Rust installation to compile the Python interface.

To obtain the source:

git clone

The Python interface to the Rust solver is implemented using PyO3 and can be built with Maturin. First create and activate a python virtual environment for your build:

python3 -m venv .env
source .env/bin/activate

Install maturin in your virtual environment:

pip install maturin

Then compile the Rust source with PyO3 bindings enabled:

maturin develop --release 

To check that Clarabel works within the virtual environment, you can then run

python examples/python/

To compile and install the solver outside of the virtual environment, at the last step you can instead run

maturin build -i python --release --features python

inside the virtual environment to produce a .whl. Then outside the virtual environment run

python3 -m pip install <.whl-file-you-just-built>