JuMP Interface

Clarabel.jl implements support for MathOptInterface, and is therefore compatible with JuMP. This allows you to describe and modify your optimisation problem with JuMP and use Clarabel.jl as the backend solver.

Setting Clarabel.jl Backend

To specify Clarabel.jl as the solver for your JuMP model, load the solver module with using Clarabel and then configure Clarabel as the solver backend when initialising the JuMP model:

model = JuMP.Model(Clarabel.Optimizer)

Solver Settings

Solver-specific settings can be passed after the Clarabel.Optimizer object. For example, if you want to adjust the maximum number of iterations and turn off verbose printing use

set_optimizer_attribute(model, "verbose", true)
set_optimizer_attribute(model, "max_iter", 25)

The full list of available settings can be found in the Settings section of the API Reference.


After solving the problem the result can be obtained using the standard JuMP commands. To see if the optimisation was successful use


If a solution is available, the optimal objective value can be retrieved using


and the value of a decision variable x can be obtained with


For more information on JuMP, see the JuMP documentation.